The Aim of the Debate

The Global Governance Debate is a highly demanding rapid discussion exercise based on developing the skills of public speaking, public speaking, curiosity and research. Opposing teams will grow in their critical views, challenging themselves on current international issues.
The debate aims to create a space where students with similar concerns meet and discuss the reality of the international community, as well as learn from each other and share different experiences.
The GGD is also a way to get out of the comfort zone where we usually stay. Developing in a working language other than one’s own is a challenge that encourages personal improvement. GGD is also a cultural and social event that encourages a better understanding of others, facilitates equal opportunities and promotes self-confidence.
The debate
The impact that the GGD initiative has on students goes beyond the socio-cultural aspects of the event: it touches on the improvement of language competence with a wide range of learning activities (discussion forums, team and community building, leadership tasks).

The mission of the debates is to contrast ideas, unite people and promote academic discussion.

Learning skills, pedagogical values…